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DSM's Enterprise Logistics Management Solution is an integrated & collaborative solutions suite to manage Logistics & Supply Chain Operations,Financials & Management Analysis. DSM e-Logistics is also primed for electronic linkage between your customers (B2C) & your business partner (B2B).

  • DSM e-Freight Management System (FRE)
  • DSM e-Forwarding Management System (FMS)
  • DSM e-Customs Declaration (SMK)
  • DSM e-Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • DSM e-Transport Management System (TMS)
  • DSM e-Haulage Management System (HMS)
  • DSM e-Yard Management System (YMS)
  • DSM e-Financials Accounts Receivable (FIN-AR)
  • DSM e-Financials Accounts Payable (FIN-AP)
  • DSM e-Financials General Ledger (FIN-GL)
  • DSM e-Tracking & Alert System (eTAS)
  • DSM e-Business Intelligence (eBI)
  • DSM e-Business ScoreCards (eBSC)

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